Return-oriented inventory planning with LogoMate in wholesale

Perfect stocks for satisfied customers

The exact sales forecast and the optimal disposition based on it is an enormously important topic for all trading companies, since with the planning everything is set in motion. With each individual disposition decision, more or less return is decisively decided. Even small improvements in detail can lead to enormous increases in returns, in absolute terms and over a whole financial year. With LogoMate, we provide you with an intelligent solution for inventory optimization for your warehouse or your stores.

However, the increasingly complex day-to-day business often leaves companies too little time to deal intensively with precise sales planning and efficient scheduling. Valuable potentials to increase sales and returns as well as to achieve decisive competitive advantages are therefore often untapped.

Make the most out of the complex purchasing conditions of the wholesale trade

In addition to individual scheduling, composite scheduling is a major challenge for planners. The optimal combination of all items of a supplier for the complete exhaustion of the order restrictions is manual and hardly solvable with traditional procedures. One example is the truck/container optimization. Due to various factors, the stock-optimized placement of a truck or container is almost impossible for the planner. For example, imported goods from Asia must take into account a long replenishment period. LogoMate calculates the correct order times and quantities at national or international suppliers. In the event of increases in purchase prices, LogoMate decides if a larger order quantity is profitable for the company.

Our customers say:

LogoMate meets all the requirements of wholesale and retail.”

Inventory optimization with LogoMate in supermarkets.

Better forecast for lower inventories and more return

With today’s large number of articles, it is increasingly difficult for planners to keep track. And a wide range of products as an expression of a company’s performance is only worth if it pays off. In traditional procedures, planners usually increase safety levels for emotional reasons. They decide for more safety rather than more efficiency. Stocks are unnecessarily high with old material or slow turners, while new items and market trends are detected and taken into account too late. This results in higher stocks and a poor ability to deliver.

LogoMate optimizes your supply chain by

  • optimal stock at the right time
  • ABC analysis and XYZ analysis to plan your assortment
  • Cost-optimized, demand-optimized or strategic individual planning
  • Composite scheduling (e.g.: Ordering complete optimized trucks/containers, minimum order value)
  • item- or supplier-dependent order unit administration
  • Consideration of supplier-related conditions (e.g. minimum order value, minimum order quantity)
  • Consideration of item-dependent conditions (e.g. minimum purchase quantity, packaging units)
  • Optimized orders for global imported goods
  • multiple alternative suppliers for an item
  • individual supplier calendar per supplier
  • freely and flexibly configurable ordering and delivery rhythms
  • Analysis of delivery reliability and delivery accuracy
  • optimal connection to your ERP system
  • Usable in any industry
Inventory optimization with LogoMate in the fashion trade.

Supplier management made easy

LogoMate generates information about the delivery reliability and delivery accuracy of the individual suppliers. Appropriate countermeasures can be taken at an early stage to avoid impending out-of-stock situations. In this way, you benefit from a system that provides you as a wholesaler with an optimal advantage for competition and in contract negotiations with your suppliers. You can fully optimize your supply chain.

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