Inventory optimization from stores to central warehouses

Perfect stocks for satisfied customers

With LogoMate, stocks remain continuously at an optimal level and out-of-stock situations are effectively avoided. The LM promo+ promotion add-on helps with automatic promotion uplifts to ensure that bottlenecks do not occur even during promotion periods.

Modern dynamic scheduling with LogoMate brings the right amount to the right place at the right time. With extremely precise sales forecasts, the necessary safety stocks are dynamically determined to the right level for each item at each location. LogoMate also improves your internal logistics. The exact sales forecast (or consumption forecast) creates the basis for optimal stocks and thus for a sustainable optimization of returns. The right product is always in the right place at the right time – with the highest possible return.

Inventory optimization with LogoMate in supermarkets.

Better forecast for lower inventories and more return

With today’s large number of goods, it is increasingly difficult for planners to keep track. Furthermore, a wide range of products as an expression of a company’s performance is only good if it pays off. In traditional procedures, planners unnecessarily increase safety levels for emotional reasons. They decide for more safety rather than more efficiency. Stocks are unnecessarily high with old material or slow turners, while new items and market trends are detected and taken into account too late. This results in higher stocks and a poor ability to deliver.

LogoMate enables

  • consideration of predecessors / reference articles
  • automatic planned order calculation
  • automatic inventory simulation
  • automatic determination of optimal safety stocks
  • ABC/XYZ service level matrix for dynamic control of safety stocks by item class
  • calculation of optimized transfer proposals to avoid external orders
  • response to increasing or falling trends for scheduling as quickly as possible, also important for new articles
  • one-off outliers should not permanently distort the forecast and thus increase safety stocks unnecessarily
  • the right season recognition separates seasonal and one-off outliers, takes into account trends at the same time and adjusts safety stocks to the right course of the season
  • special sales events, e.g. Oktoberfest in Munich or the monthly Food Stamp Day in the USA are taken into account just right for the forecast
  • analysis of the stocks of each item in each store
Inventory optimization with LogoMate in the fashion trade.

What do we need at which place and what don’t we need?

LogoMate puts the focus on returns. The often far too high, emotionally-related security stocks are permanently optimized by automatic forecasting and disposition calculations. With the help of automatic ABC-DN/XYZ-0V analysis, you can keep track of the structure of the range, which can be tailored to the needs of the market. It will also create capacity for new products.


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