Forecast-based production planning for better competition

Cost-optimized production planning system at the highest level

LogoMate is the ideal solution for scheduling as well as for rough and detailed planning in the industry. The fully integrated LM aps+ module extends LogoMate into a full-fledged APS solution that supports the planning process at all levels.
Today, manufacturing companies need to be highly flexible and reliable in order to succeed in a very competitive market. LogoMate as an APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) system supports such companies by intelligent procedures and algorithms and helps them to stay ahead of their competitors.

APS systems are the most modern computer-aided tools for optimal production planning. In a central mathematical model, they merge all planning data. LogoMate now combines rough and detailed planning for optimizing procurement, production and distribution, thus depicting the entire planning process within one application. After automatic planning, the results are visualized in an easy-to-use graphical planning system.

LogoMate as APS system

With LM aps+, the user receives a simulation tool that integrates production and inventory management. LM aps+ is a consistent solution tailored to customer needs which shortens lead times, uses capacities as efficiently as possible and optimizes stocks.

LogoMate enables

  • Reduction of lead- and set-up times
  • Reducing production times and costs
  • Plan using drag&drop in the integrated planning board (Gantt chart)
  • Distribution of peak loads over less busy periods
  • Avoidance of production downtime and overstocking
  • Complete solution for scheduling, rough and detailed planning
Cost-optimized production planning in industry with LogoMate.

Supplier management made easy

LogoMate generates timely information about the delivery reliability and delivery accuracy of the individual suppliers. Appropriate countermeasures can be taken at an early stage to avoid impending out-of-stock situations.

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