Sanitary wholesaler Bach makes forecasts for 20,000 items with LogoMate

Simplifying the scheduling processes and centralising data access for all eight locations – these were the goals of M.Bach GmbH at the introduction of the LogoMate inventory management software. With the integration of the Remira solution, the wholesaler for plumbing, heating and installation needs is abandoning the disposition from the merchandise management system. This could no longer represent the necessary flexibility, in some decisions the dispatchers had to rely on their gut feeling. The new solution now centralizes all knowledge about purchasing and inventory. In this way, sales of the approximately 20,000 items in stock can be precisely predicted and a high delivery capability can be ensured.

In addition to its headquarters in Eschweiler, Bach operates seven branches of its own in the sales area of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, four of which are with an attached bathroom exhibition. The product range includes 250,000 articles from the fields of plumbing, electrical, heating and building services. Around 20,000 items are stocked in the central warehouse in Eschweiler and are available at any time. Until now, Bach has implemented purchasing and inventory management on the basis of the ERP system. In addition, there was a lot of gut feeling of experienced employees, because the integrated scheduling solution did not depict all processes. Against the background of the continuous expansion of the product range and distribution network, Bach decided to replace the partly manual processes with the special solution LogoMate from Remira. The software is used for the disposition of the stock-containing items. As a result, the expertise of the employees, for example with regard to minimum stocks and delivery times, is now centrally stored. Based on previous paragraphs and external factors, such as seasonal or trends, LogoMate creates precise sales forecasts and makes order recommendations. Filling of minimum quantities is also automated, so that Bach effectively avoids out-of-stock situations across the entire product spectrum. “With the software, we have digitized our knowledge and give every buyer quick access to all information. This massively increases the transparency and quality of the data,” explains Udo Bach, one of the managing directors at Bach.

Possibility to connect the purchasing network
Bach is a shareholder of the Mittelstand-Allianz Haustechnik (mah), a network of eight wholesalers for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology. Bach was the first company to introduce LogoMate in the network – but there could soon be more. The software has been installed on a central server of the group of companies, on which other companies can switch on if interested. Since all traders have similar data and ERP systems, the hurdles for this are particularly low. Synergy effects are easy to exploit. Remira is already in talks with another member of the network.

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