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Prerequisite for optimal planning is a sales forecast that is as accurateas possible. Static and dynamic influences (e.g. holidays) must be taken into account. Outliers, structural breaks, trends and sporadic sales must be detected automatically. With the large number of different items, it is difficult to keep track of the planning these days. A wide range of products as an expression of performance is only good if it also pays off.

LogoMate enables:

  • configurable service degree matrix
  • configurable ABC-DN analysis
  • configurable XYZ-0V – analysis
  • automated sales analysis
  • automatic inventory simulation
  • automatic determination of optimal safety stocks
  • view of forecast / sales data also add up on groups / product groups
  • early warning system / Escalation messages (Management by Exception)

Action! Fully automatic promotion quantity planning with LM promo+

LogoMate® makes it quick and easy to plan global or site-specific promotions such as special events, discount and marketing measures, the re-introduction of new items or the restart of locations. With the LM promo+ action module, the actual purchasing behavior can then be automatically compared with the original promotion plan and the effect for future planning can be taken into account.

Everything must go! Distribute items with LM push+

In addition to replenishment using the forecasts and stocks calculated by LogoMate, the LM push+ add-on module is able to distribute remaining stocks or disposable items in a targeted manner. Accurate amounts are calculated through individually definable parameters. Automatic distribution with LogoMate saves a lot of time, binds fewer resources and avoids transcriptions.

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