Relaunch of LogoMate®: New standards in technology and ease of use

We are raising inventory management to a new level: New products are now available in our LogoMate® family. Users can choose between three different LogoMate® finishes: smart, silver and gold. They are staggered in scope of services and cover different customer requirements optimally.

LogoMate® smart includes all important basic functions for single-stage scheduling as a low-cost basic function for beginners. This includes daily sales forecasts, inventory simulation, the creation of planned orders, and A/B/C analyses. The silver and gold versions are available for higher requirements. These allow for two- or multi-stage scheduling. This is necessary, for example, if you want to plan across branches. In addition, the silver version offers significantly more functions for special requirements, such as container and purchase price optimization or MHD consideration and batch tracking. The most comprehensive service package LogoMate® gold also enables continuous production planning. Another plus: The LM promo+ or LM push+ module is optionally already included in the range of functions.

Our new LogoMate® allows you to work even faster. For the first time, we have decoupled the user interface from the database for the software. Data is kept centrally on a server. Your advantages: increased computing power, especially short start times and a real-time change transfer. At the same time, the clear user interface with a customizable home page offers you maximum user comfort. Try our new LogoMate ® now and ignite the turbo in inventory management!

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