Viega nutzt das VMI-System von LogoMate

More customer proximity and higher level of service thanks to VMI

With LogoMate, sanitary specialist Viega optimizes its relationships with the wholesale trade. Production and sales planning are intelligently networked by Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). LogoMate optimizes the entire supply chain. The supplier has access to the inventory and demand data of his customer and takes over sales planning and inventory management for him.

Manufacturer-controlled Inventory management

In order to perfect the planning not only on the manufacturer’s side, but also at the customer,Viega took aim at manufacturer-driven inventory management (VMI). LogoMate by Remira came into play. Remira’s flexible solution for computer-controlled scheduling optimizes the complex supply chain from producer to wholesaler to specialist customer. The supplier has access to the inventory and demand data of his customer and takes over sales planning and inventory management for him.

Rudolf Kaiser, E-Business Coordinator at Viega, cites the most important objectives in the implementation of the project:

"We wanted to map the VMI process to the full satisfaction of our customers and develop efficiency potentials. The necessary tool should make as little effort as possible with maximum flexibility. We did this with LogoMate from Remira."

The supplier can plan his production more efficiently and plan the procurement of raw materials and supplier parts in the best possible way. It can react more quickly to fluctuations in demand, and the lot sizes can be used more cost-effectively. Wholesalers can align their scheduling with the needs of their VMI customers. The dealer’s stock levels are falling and the level of service is increasing. Demand-based after-deliveries increase sales and reduce return volumes.

The cooperation between Viega and the regional wholesaler Köbig (Mainz) shows how manufacturers and dealers can better cooperate in the supply chain for mutual benefit. To make planning and scheduling more efficient, Köbig introduced LogoMate from Remira. It was a good thing that the house of its main supplier Viega has been dispatched with LogoMate for some time. This recently gave rise to the idea of connecting the two systems directly.

Direct line to the manufacturer

LogoMate provides Köbig with direct networking with one of its largest suppliers, regardless of its own merchandise management system. By connecting the two LogoMate systems directly, Köbig provides the supplier Viega with all relevant information for a forecast. This includes, for example, current stocks, open sales and reservations. On the basis of this data, the supplier can provide an accurate sales forecast and align its production.

Classic win-win situation

For the dealer, this solution guarantees a constant ability to deliver with reduced stocks. And additional information is attached to the report, including the exact storage locations of the Viega items in Köbig’s central warehouse. This significantly reduces the logistical effort at the specialist wholesaler. For the producer and supplier Viega, the direct link in the supply chain also offers advantages: customer loyalty through reliable and fast delivery, more targeted production, lower return rates and the possibility of even better service.

About Viega

The more than 100-year-old Viega GmbH & Co. KG in Attendorn has grown from a medium-sized family-owned company to an internationally operating group under the constant expansion of its core business of installation technology. Today's world market leader in press technology employs around 3,000 people at six locations. The Viega Systemworld comprises about 16,000 products from building technology to industrial plants to utilities and shipbuilding. Viega's logistics system is efficiently structured down to the smallest units. Whatever customers order, the packages will be ready for delivery to more than 75 countries in just a few hours.


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