Less stock and continuous optimization

The food wholesaler Transgourmet centrally plans and orders with LogoMate for all twelve branches. The company reduced its holdings by 15 percent as a result of the use of software. At the same time, product availability increased by 13 percent. The long-standing close and cooperative cooperation with Remira also ensures a continuous optimization of the workflows.

Full supply for 35,000 customers

In order to enable the more than 35,000 customers to have the 25,000 items in range at any time, Transgourmet decided to introduce Remira’s LogoMate inventory optimization software back in 2009. Since then, the solution has been adapted to new requirements and the LM promo+ add-on has recently been implemented for improved promotion quantity calculation.

Optimally schedule of perishable goods

Prior to the introduction of LogoMate, Transgourmet had no digital support. The employees of the planning departement had to estimate when how many of the 25,000 different items had to be ordered. This caused shortages and meant a significant breakage and spoilage rate due to excessively high inventories – precisely because the wholesaler also stores a corresponding amount of fast perishable goods. “We wanted software that permanently optimizes our inventory and automatically generates order proposals,” explains Christine Keszner, Head of Procurement Logistics at Transgourmet. For a year, the food wholesaler reviewed and compared various IT solutions for inventory management – and finalley chose LogoMate.

"The high degree of individualization of the software convinced us."


Price increases under control

The main problems with Transgourmet: The time required for scheduling was too high. Nevertheless, due to the large quantity of articles and difficult-to-calculate parameters such as seasonal fluctuations and delivery restrictions, miscalculations were repeatedly made. Today, LogoMate controls all these positions and ensures precise sales planning. In addition, transgourmet has found it useful to develop and program purchase price increases. This integration automatically covers the warehouse with the ideal quantity of goods when their price increases. Storage costs and interest are taken into account. The intelligent inventory management software offers Transgourmet numerous other advantages: it automatically generates optimal order proposals, supports the quantity calculation of promotional items and pays attention to restrictions, such as the requirement that always a complete truck must be ordered.

Central scheduling for all locations

Shortly after the implementation of LogoMate, Transgourmet opened five additional locations. Today, there is a central office for all twelve branches. This enabled the wholesaler to simplify its work processes and pool capacities.

"Without LogoMate, the additional locations and central management of the stocks would not have been possible"

explains Martin Reitermayr, Head of Disposition at Transgourmet. Just one year after the software was introduced, inventories had been reduced by 15 percent and product availability had increased by 13 percent. The breakage and spoilage of food has been reduced by half. Whereas in the past 50 employees were employed in scheduling, now there are only ten.
“We use the capacities freed up by LogoMate for ongoing inventory, for further optimising our stocks and, above all, for our customers in the market,”
explains Christine Keszner.

Über das Unternehmen

Transgourmet is the specialist for the supply of large consumers in the hotel industry, gastronomy, company catering and social facilities. As a full-service supplier, the Austrian company offers a comprehensive range of food, consumer goods and kitchen equipment from a single source.


  • 25,000 items in the range
  • 35,000 customers
  • 15% Inventory reduction after a Year

  • Increase in the availability of goods by 13 in the same period
  • Food spoilage decreased by 50