“With LogoMate, we had better results after just a few months.”

TIM SA in Siechnice near Breslau is one of the leading electrical wholesalers in Poland and supplies almost 30 stores throughout the country. The product range includes cables, electrical cables, cable ducts, exhibition facilities, electrical switchgear, electrical installation equipment, lighting housings, lighting sources and accessories. In February 1998, TIM SA was admitted to the Warsaw Stock Exchange. After years of steady growth, the company continues to focus on expansion in the future.

Piotr Bobruk

Head of Forecasting and Logistics Analysis

TIM SA (Siechnice)

“We save 12 hours a day when preparing all orders to suppliers.”
“The warnings and outliers that the system detects give us the ability to respond quickly and avoid additional costs due to out-of-stock situations.”
“With LogoMate, we no longer need to extinguish fires because we can react before they occur.”
“Once the optimal solution is achieved, covering all areas from demand forecasting to scheduling to controlling, stocks at TIM SA will be reduced by 40% and the level of service will be increased to up to 98%.”