“Today, LogoMate is an integral part of our company.”

SPIELE MAX, based in Berlin, launched in 1982 with a huge selection of self-service toys. Today, more than 600 employees serve around 50 branches in twelve federal states. Further new openings are planned. The range ranges from Lego and Playmobil to dolls, cars, plush, board games, model railways, books, furniture, textiles and fashion. In the past, the company has received several industry awards, including three consecutive “Dealer of the Year” for toys in 2010-12.

Thomas Rothe

Head of Planning & Allocation


“In October, you must have aligned all your logistics in such a way that you can guarantee availability of goods at any time during the Christmas period. That’s why we rely on LogoMate’s exact sales forecasts.”
“Based on historical sales data, we can determine specific sales quotas for individual items for each store and trigger corresponding orders.”
“Within a year, we have succeeded in reducing the out-of-stock ratio by two-thirds.”
“Our goods are much better available than before.”
LogoMate reports to the dispatcher if there is a need for action. It gives employees clear indications of how and where to respond. The system operates on its e-team to ensure optimal supply of the branches. The decision-making decisions continue to be made by the dispatchers.”