“With LogoMate, we can carry out all planning and dispositive activities.”

Founded in 1934, Kievit specializes in compounding (mixing) spray-dried, powdery raw materials into highly refined functional blends. They are used in the dairy industry for the production of mixed milk drinks, desserts or yoghurt and yoghurt drinks. With the brand SATRO QUALITY DRINKS, hot and cold beverage specialties, the Lippstadt-based company is a leading supplier for the vending industry (vending machine business). For quick preparation at home, Kievit produces instant cappuccino drinks.

Kievit offers tailor-made ingredient solutions for the production of food. With LogoMate®, SATRO carries out all planning and dispositive activities. The stock of raw materials was significantly reduced within a few months with increased delivery capacity.

Andreas Schnitzler

Head of Planning Department

FrieslandCampina Kievit GmbH (Lippstadt)

“In a few months, the stock of raw materials has been significantly reduced and the ability to deliver has been further increased.”
“One of the great advantages of LogoMate® compared to other systems is the clarity for The Kievit experts.”
“Remira responds flexibly and quickly to all wishes and requirements.”
“A call is enough and we reach the right contact person within a very short time.”