More sales and less stock

With LogoMate from Remira, the high-growth furniture company POCO significantly increased the availability of goods and provided a modernization boost in purchasing and scheduling. The employees are relieved of routine activities and can optimally use the given budget.

"With LogoMate, we have further optimized and achieved higher availability with declining inventories."

Old and new orders

Dr. Friedhelm Rudolph, Head/Procurator Controlling & IT Department at POCO Einrichtungsmarkt GmbH, became aware of LogoMate from Remira via trade fair contacts. Previously, there was already an automatic scheduling solution in-house as part of the ERP system. However, it was exclusively focused on history, and there were no predictions for the future.

The introduction of LogoMate was the most important goal of achieving higher availability with declining inventories through process optimization. “We were convinced by Remira’s way of thinking about providing concrete proposals for the future from the historical order data,” explains Dr. Rudolph. Order quality should be improved, availability and warehouse handling speed should be increased, and purchases and the distribution of goods across the individual warehouses should be optimized. Therefore, the LM push+ distribution add-on was installed immediately after the implementation of LogoMate.

Disposition on several stages

The multi-stage scheduling at POCO in central, regional and branch warehouses had to be taken into account. Even before the implementation, the controlling department had already learned about the flexibility of LogoMate at a test workstation and tested the system with the requirements of its own company. During the introduction, the suppliers were gradually integrated. At POCO, the inventory planning is divided by furniture and by specialist assortments. The start began with a supplier who pledged a fast and targeted implementation in both areas. As one of the first results, a significant increase in the availability of goods was achieved.

"The importance of dispatchers has grown through LogoMate."

“The importance of planners has grown through LogoMate.”

One of LogoMate’s strengths is that the inventory planners are relieved of routine activities and can take more care of the special features. “Before, we used a booking system,” recalls Dr. Rudolph.
With the new technology, POCO can handle the growing tasks even with continuous expansion with the same team size. In the company, there has been a growing awareness that the planner is moving a “big lever” in a central location. The initial skepticism of some employees gave way to the realization that LogoMate was a very powerful tool.

At the same time, Dr. Rudolph pays his “high respect” to the employees, because they would have mastered a challenging task very well in the installation of a complex system. “The consultation and the project was impeccable.” He is very satisfied with the cooperation. The time and financial targets had been “exactly met” and the work with Remira worked “very well”. After the successful completion of the launch phase, regular consultations will take place to exchange ideas and address follow-up projects.

One of the new findings is that LogoMate is a sophisticated documentation tool that provides valuable information for controlling. Many additional reporting opportunities have emerged here.

About POCO

Beautiful living for less money – this is the catchy motto of the POCO furniture markets with headquarters in Bergkamen (North Rhine-Westphalia). With a turnover of more than 1 billion euros per year, POCO, created in 2008 by the merger of the furniture discounterpotosis POCO and Domain, is today one of the major German suppliers in the take-away sector. More than 7,000 employees currently work in more than 100 markets. The comprehensive range includes furniture, kitchens, household goods, home textiles, colours, wallpaper, carpets, carpets, electrical and gift items. Since 2012, the products can also be ordered in the online shop. Attractive brand manufacturers are on offer as well as particularly cheap own brands made exclusively for POCO.


  • 4,000,000 SKUs
  • 165 Fillias, Branch Warehouses, Regional and Interconnection Warehouses
  • LogoMate in use in Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland