More inventory management and less Excel with LogoMate

The way from manual scheduling to automated inventory management: this was the motto of Auto-Teile-Pöllath ATP. In order to coordinate the ever-increasing number of orders, the largest german eBay retailer relies on LogoMate.
With success: ATP records an improved delivery capability after the changeover and with it a reduction in the out-of-stock situations.

Manual processes reach their limits

Up to now, two methods have been used in the disposition of the goods: For large orders, imported goods and branded goods, the demand was determined manually using Excel lists. National goods were ordered twice a day via a standard software program. However, the system did not trigger an order recommendation until the defined reorder level had been exceeded or a sales order could not be executed due to a lack of stock.
Most recently, ATP worked with nine dispatchers and buyers, each of whom had a different way of calculating. In order to realize a more professional and standardized ordering process, the e-commerce retailer decided to buy LogoMate.

LogoMate for all sales channels

ATP distributes its products through its own online store as well as through platforms such as eBay and Amazon. LogoMate is used for all sales channels and ensures a noticeable relief for the employees. As a first step, ATP has automated the scheduling of major German and international suppliers as well as imported goods. For this purpose, 150 of the 300 dealers have already been converted to LogoMate, the rest are to follow successively.

Personnel effort reduced

As a result, ATP benefits from a reduction in out-of-stock situations. In addition, the retailer was able to significantly reduce the personnel costs in the planning an ordering process: Whereas in the past there were nine employees, today there are only four. The other colleagues now have time to optimize supplier support and to take care of important topics from purchasing.

Plans for the future

In the long term, ATP also pursues the goal of handling contract orders with LogoMate. The mail order company does not keep them in stock, but orders them after receiving an order from the suppliers. The challenge: ATP orders the goods from the retailer on the day of the customer’s order. The next day it arrives and is prepared for shipping.

About ATP

900,000 items in the range, 25,000 m2 of storage space and more than one million customers – ATP is one of the fastest growing online dealers for automotive spare parts in Germany. The sale is handled through its own online store as well as through platforms such as eBay and Amazon.


    ('li') Online-trading for auto parts('/li') ('li')900 000 items in the range('/li') ('li')1 Central warehouse in Pressath('/li') ('li')More than 200 suppliers are disposed of by LogoMate(')'/