Save costs and increase return on investment with intelligent scheduling software

Since its foundation in 1994, Remira has established itself as a competent partner for automatic scheduling, accurate sales forecasting and inventory optimization. For these demanding tasks, LogoMate offers intelligent disposition software that is characterized by impressive visual representations, easy handling and the unproblematic implementation into existing systems.

Huge amounts of data, from which conventional transaction systems often capitulate, are processed quickly and vividly. Our customers from the retail and industry benefit from the flexible application possibilities of LogoMate, which is successfully used both as a solution for the disposition in the warehouse as well as for the branch control. LogoMate ensures higher returns and lower costs by providing optimally tailored needs.

Optimally aligned assortment with LogoMate

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Any planning decision within a company is also a decision on your return on capital. A variety of static and dynamic influencing factors, time pressure and the ever-increasing number of goods make it difficult to keep track with conventional planning methods.

Frequently, inventory planners tend to increase safety stocks unnecessarily, while important items are often not available and trends are slackened. This results in higher stocks and a poor ability to deliver. Efficient scheduling with LogoMate, on the other hand, means an optimal balance between sales, purchasing conditions, production conditions and inventory costs. Quick turners and new items are stocked in an appropriate quantity to ensure maximum delivery capability at all times. more info

Your use with LogoMate:

  • precise sales forecasts
  • low stocks
  • optimal availability
  • purposive distribution of goods
  • no delivery bottlenecks
  • Vendor managed inventory ( VMI )
  • clear display in the planning cockpit
  • significantly reduced planning costs
  • increased efficiency
  • higher return on investment

More effective inventory management thanks to fully integrated modules

Man attaches puzzle pieces to a wall as a metaphor for LogoMate modules

Thanks to LogoMate, many renowned companies generate higher availability and increasing sales. For special requirements, the integrated modules LM promo+, LM push+ and LM aps+ as well as the control app LM control+ are also available. The LM promo+ promotion module automatically ensures ideal goods management during the promotional period, so that customers always have the maximum offer at their disposal.

There is also no need to worry about the problematic distribution of remaining stocks and disposable items. Using individually definable parameters, the LM push+ distribution module automatically calculates the quantity to be distributed and thus avoids transcriptions and remaining stocks. LM aps+ – the fully integrated solution for logistics and production – ensures production planning at the highest level. more info

Your use with our add-ons:

  • Consideration of promotion effects
  • optimal availability during the promotional period
  • lower residual risk
  • Planning security for future campaigns
  • Reduction of through-through and set-up times
  • Reduce production times and costs
  • Distribution of peak loads over less busy periods
  • Avoidance of production downtime and overstocking
  • Simple planning by drag and drop

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