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LM promo+ with new features

With LM promo+, inventory managers are now planning discount promotions and special campaigns even more easily and precisely. Remira has revised the add-on module of its LogoMate® and equipped it with additional functions. For example, the automatic promotion plan solution now has an out-of-stock cleanup feature that leads to even more accurate forecasts. In addition, an promotion planer helps inventory managers select the right products for a campaign. The tool calculates the additional revenue that can be achieved for an item through different advertising measures.

With LM promo+, users ensure optimal availability of products during promotional periods and avoid bottlenecks. The solution automatically calculates the quantity of goods required for each campaign. To do this, all parameters that influence the success of a campaign are analyzed, such as which media a product is advertised and how much the discount is. In addition, the solution takes into account data from past promotions and the sales history of similar items. The new promotion planer can also be used to examine in seconds, how different advertising measures are likely to affect the turnover of a particular item. For each campaign, you can select the items that promise the highest increase in revenue. Another novelty of LM promo+ is the out-of-stock clean-up. Until now, it has not been possible to make reliable forecasts for future campaigns when previous promotions have resulted in out-of-stock situations. Using the out-of-stock cleanup, LogoMate® now calculates what quantity of goods could have been sold if there had been enough items in stock. In this way, better product availability can be achieved in the case of planned promotions. Following an advertising measure, LM promo+ also compares the actual buying behaviour with the original forecast.

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