Optimal inventory management in industry and commerce

Demand planning, inventory planning, procurement planning – the requirements for inventory management are diverse. To the delight of inventory managers, LogoMate combines these requirements within an easy-to-use application.

LogoMate Process Chain

Inventory management is a decisive competitive factor

When it comes to the flood of goods in modern retail and wholesale, a working inventory management is a decisive competitive factor, especially for internationally operating companies. Important corporate objectives such as a constant delivery capability, low inventories, flexible delivery times and a reduced capital commitment are to be harmonized. These diverse requirements for inventory management can no longer be overcome without powerful software.

LogoMate helps companies to bring the effectiveness of their delivery service to the desired level or to keep it at a high level and thus ensure customer satisfaction at all times. In order to avoid unnecessary storage costs, stocks are kept as low as possible without compromising the ability to deliver.

Inventory optimization: Don’t leave anything to chance with LogoMate

Thanks to the automated processes in the areas of demand, inventory and procurement planning, a smooth inventory management is achieved, which leads to a permanent inventory optimization. Sources of error are minimized and the costs for procurement and logistics are drastically reduced. In order to be able to meet the demand at all costs, the safety stocks for each item and each location are kept dynamically at the right level.

LogoMate is also able to respond to random influences or seasonal fluctuations in demand. Holidays are taken into account as well as special sales dates. The correct recognition of seasons separates seasonal and outliers and adjusts safety stocks to the adjusted course of the season. Current trends are also taken into account.

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