More efficiency in truck and container transport

LogoMate enables optimal utilization of loading capacities

The European commercial vehicle market is on a growth path. On average, only 55 percent of the loading capacity was actually used in 2016. LogoMate from Remira enables optimal utilization of trucks and shipping containers. The inventory management software has a truck and container optimization function as standard. This automatically replenishes orders in such a way that only fully loaded trucks or containers go on the journey. In this way, users save delivery costs and at the same time protect the environment.

Remira’s truck and container optimization automatically consolidates multiple orders in one shipment. This ensures optimum utilization of the load carriers used. The requirements of several locations can also be summarized. For example, if an item requires 15 pallets, the solution automatically adds so many additional products from the same vendor that the load carrier is fully engaged. When selecting the additional items, LogoMate takes into account the range and delivery service level of the respective product. The goal is to add only those items to an order that are really worth ordering for the user. This is especially true for A-items with a high level of delivery service. LogoMate also observes external restrictions, such as the specific loading limits of the forwarding agents and any minimum order values.

Delivery times for imported goods in view

Particularly interesting is the optimization function of LogoMate is particularly interesting for imported goods with long delivery times. For international shipments, the software takes into account holidays and other special events abroad. For example, companies can calculate longer delivery times into their planning at an early stage due to Chinese New Year. Based on the size and shape of the goods to be shipped, LogoMate also calculates which container size is best suited for transportation. In sum, the optimization function helps to reduce the number of individual deliveries. By utilizing the load carriers, users achieve noticeable price advantages from suppliers. In addition, the volume of transport is reduced and the environment is spared.

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