Vendor management in a timely and efficient manner

Cooperation with suppliers does not always go as smoothly as desired. With LogoMate, you are constantly in view of delivery reliability and delivery accuracy and can react promptly to a lack of delivery reliability.

No company can do without the systematic management of relations with its suppliers today, because a high level of confidence in the reliability of delivery is the basis of a functioning scheduling. Supplier management takes care of the selection of suppliers, monitors the development of the supplier’s performance level and decides at which level the supplier is included in the value chain.

LogoMate generates information about supplier delivery reliability and accuracy before it’s too late. In this way, appropriate countermeasures can be taken in good time and the threat of out-of-stock situations can be avoided. For inventory planning, plant and supplier holidays are also automatically taken into account in the planning process. It then automatically shuts down to the optimum stock level as quickly as possible.

Complete supplier management of great importance

LogoMate provides a good overview of delivery reliability and creates space for timely reactions.

The delivery reliability and the delivery accuracy of its suppliers are two fundamental prerequisites for the success of a company. Therefore, precise, complete supplier management in industry and trade is indispensable. Cooperation with a supplier does not always go as smoothly as desired. If, for example, agreed delivery and production times are not met, the entire scheduling will fall behind. In such situations, quick reactions are required. Automatic escalation/warning messages quickly detect critical states and systematically do them according to the Management by Exception method.

LogoMate provides accurate overview

LogoMate provides a close overview of relationships with suppliers, giving supplier managers the scope to respond in a timely way. Factors taken into account include:

  • Supplier contracts
  • alternative suppliers for an item
  • individual supplier calendar for each supplier
  • individual factory calendar for each location
  • flexibly configurable ordering or delivery rhythms
  • Accurate analysis of delivery reliability and accuracy
  • Logistics

The extensive data give a clear picture of the reliability of the individual suppliers.

Vendor Managed Inventory mit LogoMate

In order to build the most efficient supply chain possible, more and more companies are using Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI),in which the supplier has access to the customer’s inventory and demand data. In this way, the supplier becomes responsible for the timely supply of goods.

LogoMate is ideally equipped for use as a VMI system. In addition to numerous virtual customer warehouses, the supplier’s warehouse can also be integrated and dispatched for an optimal cross-company supply of goods.

Customer Story: VMI at Viega

Read here in our reference story how our customer Viega works with LogoMate VMI.

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