All planning data at a glance

The best material planning software does not help if you have to decipher the generated results first. LogoMate’s unique planning cockpit presents all data quickly and vividly.

The day-to-day business of inventory planners is becoming more and more hectic. The dynamic markets demand ever shorter delivery times and constant delivery capability. At the same time, it is important to optimize stocks to avoid unnecessarily tied up capital. Continuous inventory controlling with LogoMate ensures ideal inventories and increases liquidity.

In order to always be able to make the right decisions, planners always need the right information in the right place at the right time. With LogoMate’s unique planning cockpit, purchasers always keep track. It provides quickly and easily automatically generated results as well as historical sales and inventory data. Thanks to the appealing visualization of the most important disposition processes, the user can quickly see where action is needed.

LogoMate makes scheduling clear and comprehensible

The automatically generated results are displayed quickly and easily in the planning cockpit. The user interface is freely configurable and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. Based on the clear presentation, the purchasing behavior can be automatically compared with the original planning and taken into account for future calculations. In addition, the influence of special orders and special actions can be simulated during the planning phase. For displaying forecasts and sales data, you can choose between tabular and graphical representation. Customer-specific extensions of tables are also possible at any time.

The new LogoMate interface

This year we presented our new LogoMate web interface at LogiMat. Look forward to the new and completely redesigned LogoMate Dashboard with many new features and use LogoMate completely responsive on any device of your choice with the new LogoMate interface, available from 2020.

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