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A precise sales forecast is the decisive basis for the work of a dispatcher, because the forecast quality has a significant influence on the planning in your company. Benefit from reliable forecasting with predictive analytics. Today, the flow of goods and materials depends on numerous static and dynamic influences as well as the respective business model. LogoMate takes decisive factors into account and automatically creates an exact sales forecast through artificial intelligence.

The existing data is analyzed and the resulting sales forecasts are generated constantly and automatically. The quality of automatic forecasting can be further increased by additional manual specifications and settings. Even complex scheduling decisions such as planning new items or special seasonal sales are so easy for you.

Thanks to LogoMate’s precise, comprehensive sales forecasts, companies from retail and industry are ideally equipped for the diverse challenges of modern scheduling and are always able to react to change at any time.

The quality of the sales forecast is decisive for your inventory planning and the overall company success

Regardless of the size of a company, the material planning is largely determined by the quality of the sales forecast. The right time, the right quantities in the right place. That’s the credo of optimal inventory management. This is only possible through reliable forecasts of your sales and consumption. This is the only way to fully meet demand and avoid unnecessary safety stocks. This avoids tied capital, depreciation, wasted bin, and spoilage of goods.

You also strategically support reliable forecasts in the management of the company and the planning of your future activities.

Accurate sales forecasts through predictive analytics guarantee low inventories and high yields

LogoMate calculates its future specifications from all relevant data and factors. Among other things, the most important things are:

  • short-, medium- and long-term sales effects
  • sporadic consumption
  • rising or falling trends
  • one-time outliers
  • seasonal fluctuations
  • special sales dates
  • holidays

This data can be used to determine the future demand for each item at each location in their warehouse and/or stores, and to dynamically calculate safety stocks depending on the uncertainty factors. The automatic detection of trends enables a timely response to rising and falling trends. This is a major advantage when introducing new items. In this way, new articles can be planned and scheduled automatically immediately, taking into account predecessors or reference articles.

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