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Optimal aligned assortment with LogoMate

Any scheduling decision within a company is also a decision on your return on capital. A variety of static and dynamic influencing factors, time pressure and the ever-increasing number of articles make it difficult to keep track with conventional disposition methods.

Frequently, material planners tend to increase safety stocks unnecessarily, while important items are out-of-stock and trends will be ignored. This results in higher stocks and a poor ability to deliver. Efficient scheduling with LogoMate, on the other hand, means an optimal balance between sales, purchasing conditions, production conditions and inventory costs. Fast movers and new items are stocked in an appropriate quantity to ensure maximum delivery capability at all times.

Your benefit of LogoMate

  • precise sales forecasts
  • low stocks
  • optimal availability
  • purposive distribution of goods
  • no supply bottlenecks
  • Vendor managed inventory ( VMI )
  • clear overview in the material planning cockpit of LogoMate
  • significantly reduced material planning effort
  • increased efficiency
  • higher return on investment

What can LogoMate do?

The most important features at a glance

Sales Forecast

Exact sales forecasts from LogoMate are the basis for an optimal material planning. Safety stocks are reduced while availability and yields increase.

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Automated ABC/XYZ analysis

LogoMate’s automated ABC/XYZ analysis quickly provides scheduling and purchasing with a comprehensive overview of your entire product range.

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Inventory controlling

Inventory controlling can be used to reduce capital and storage costs. LogoMate offers a fully automated condition analysis that enables optimal planning and ensures constant delivery capability.

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Stock reduction

An important step towards increasing liquidity and logistical performance is to reduce inventory based on accurate sales forecasts which LogoMate delivers reliably.
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Material planning

Automatic material planning with LogoMate: Always make the right material planning decisions at the right moment.

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Purchasing optimization

You can also profit in procurement by using LogoMate. Numerous analytics for your product portfolio and your suppliers make your workflow way easier.

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Supplier management

Not all delivery dates are on time. LogoMate automatically generates information about supplier reliability before out-of-stock situations occur.

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Not all delivery dates are on time. LogoMate automatically generates information about supplier reliability before out-of-stock situations occur.

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Strategic inventory management

LogoMate supports you in the implementation of your inventory strategy and keeps the stocks continuously at an optimal level – with reduced effort and lower costs in inventory management.

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