VMI – Optimal delivery for serving your customer’s

Efficient Supply Chain with Vendor Managed Inventory

Building a working supplier-driven inventory is a major challenge for companies. With LogoMate, inventory planners have reliable software that can meet this challenge at all times.

LM vmi+ for an efficient supply chain

An important idea of the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) is to have the supplier control the deliveries of the customer warehouse. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a concept for building an efficient supply chain. For this purpose, the supplier requires a planning softwarethat

  • many virtual warehouses of its customers
  • highly automated for customers
  • automatically forwards the delivery items to the order system
  • logs and tracks the rolling goods

LogoMate is well prepared for VMI use. In addition to the numerous virtual customer warehouses, your supplier warehouse can also be integrated to generate optimal production proposals taking into account your VMI customer warehouses. Simplifying the management of VMI customer warehouses significantly reduces the burden on the transaction system.

LogoMate allows you:

  • Reduction of stocks in the complete supply chain
  • Avoidance of out-of-stock situations
  • Quick responses to trends or fluctuations

Viega uses LogoMate's VMI system

VMI in use at Viega

With LogoMate, installation specialist Viega optimizes its relationships with the wholesale trade. Production and sales planning are intelligently networked by Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). LogoMate optimizes the entire supply chain. The supplier has access to the inventory and demand data of his customer and takes over sales planning and inventory management for him.

Learn more about using LogoMate as a VMI system here

What our customers say

"LogoMate provides important added value in its relationship with specialist wholesalers."



LogoMate for building an efficient supply chain.

Optimum cross-company supply of goods

The accurate sales forecasts created with LogoMate are combined with actions/sales promotions form an important basis for cross-company management and optimization of supply chains.

Industrial suppliers can plan the procurement of raw materials and supplier parts and plan their production more efficiently as a result. For wholesalers, it is possible to target their scheduling to the needs of their VMI customers and thus ensure a smooth cross-company supply of goods.

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