Fully automatic promotion planning with LM promo+

Perfect stocks for satisfied customers

With LogoMate, stocks remain continuously at an optimal level and out-of-stock situations are effectively avoided. The LM promo+ module helps with automatic promotion uplifts to ensure that bottlenecks do not occur even during promotion periods.

Special events, discount promotions, the market launch of new items or the reopening of locations – in addition to dealing with the regular flow of goods, dispatchers face numerous challenges. With the LogoMatepromotion module LM promo+, global or site-specific promotions can be planned quickly and easily.

To ensure that the campaigns do not run out of steam, the automatic calculation of promotion quantities ensures ideal goods management. Also during the promotional period, LM promo+ ensures optimum availability in order to provide customers with a maximum offer and to realize high sales.

You will then receive detailed information about the success of a campaign. Actual purchasing behaviour is compared with the original promotion plan, which can provide important lessons for future promotions. The action effects are automatically taken into account for demand planning

Our customers say:

“Today, we know much more precisely in the planning how much we implement from which product through promotions. This not only makes scheduling more efficient, but also makes category management easier.”

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Four-stage promotion planning

The promotion planning with LM promo+ is in four steps.

  1. Analysis of historical promotion successes
  2. Clustering similar promotions
  3. Assignment of results for future promotions
  4. Execution of the planned promotions

In the first step, the historical data of promotions that have already been carried out will be processed. The data then forms the basis for the subsequent campaigns. Then, all collected data of similar promotions is lumped together so that they can be used for planned promotions. For example, the following criteria are taken into account:

  • promotion medium
  • Placement
  • Discount class
  • Location
  • Grouping
  • Price

Promotion successes thanks to LM promo+

Based on the predetermined criteria, LM promo+ supports users in the third step in planning future promotions regarding the promotion type and period. This data can be used specifically for the planning of campaigns and promotions. Finally, LogoMate takes over inventory planning and scheduling, so that no unpleasant surprises occur and the implementation of the planned promotion will be a complete success.

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