LM meteo+ links weather and stock forecasts

Integration of weather data and other external influences into order forecasts

Whether in the food, textile or DIY industries, many purchasing decisions are directly related to the weather. The LogoMate module LM meteo+
enables the integration of weather data into order forecasts and ensures filled shelves at all times.

The weather influences many activities in everyday life. This includes consumer behaviour, which in some sectors is closely linked to the current weather situation. On hot summer days, barbecue parties lure you outdoors and demand from ice cream sellers is growing rapidly. In winter, on the other hand, the rush of salt and snow shovels starts as soon as the first flakes trickle from the sky. On the first beautiful days of spring, hobby gardeners increase sales in garden and DIY stores.

This is just a small selection of typical weather-related sales spikes. It is not always easy for trading companies to actually meet the rising demand and thus benefit from the weather conditions. As a rule, the weather does not flow directly into their order forecasts. A certain exception are certain seasonal items, which are automatically taken into account by many inventory management systems. However, a full warehouse with weather-dependent products such as winter clothing is no guarantee of success. On the contrary, if the weather does not play along, many traders will remain seated on their goods.

LM meteo+ improves forecast quality

A short-term reaction to the weather is not yet part of everyday life for most dispatchers. This changes with the introduction of the weather module LM meteo+! This provides users with an additional tool to further increase the quality of the forecasts with LogoMate. Thanks to the innovative add-on module, LogoMate knows the connections between the weather and the purchasing behaviour of its customers and lists all items affected by the weather. In order to be able to provide the most precise weather forecasts possible at all times, Remira cooperates with MeteoGroup, the leading private weather service in Europe.

Mother and daughter with umbrella and rain jacket

Woman with seasonal tomatoes in the supermarket

LM meteo+ at a glance:

  • Determination of weather-dependent influences
  • Automatic consideration of weather influences in forecasts and orders
  • Visualization of weather influences
  • Classification and listing of all weather-affected items
  • Automatic import of weather data and predictions for each location
  • Cooperation with Europe’s leading weather service provider

Short-term response to weather-related demand

For each location, possible influencing factors such as temperatures or precipitation are automatically identified to enable weather-dependent sales forecasts and faster, proactive responses to the weather. As a result, the meat counter is always well filled with grilled specialities before a particularly sunny weekend and the ice cream is not emptied in the morning. With LM meteo+, the next winter break comes as no surprise, so that no customer has to go home without the right equipment to clear the snow.

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