Professional capacity planning with LM capa+

Only those who make the best use of their resources can operate successfully. LM capa+, the LogoMate module for capacity planning, helps with this.

The solution enables needs-based planning of personnel and machine utilization. It also ensures the best possible use of the storage space. In personnel planning, users can see at a glance where support is needed. The qualification of the employees is taken into account in shift planning. In addition, LM capa+ can be connected to time recording systems. With utilization planning, dispatchers distribute peak loads on the machines and can automatically smooth capacities across all production stages. If necessary, production orders can be moved or capacities can be reserved. The pitch optimization enables efficient storage use. This function can be used to visualize the bearing and simulate the space requirement. A long-term forecast helps to store each item optimally.

This is what our customers say:

LogoMate makes it possible for us to react flexibly to peak orders.

LM capa+ at a glance

  • Needs-based personnel planning taking into account qualifications
  • Shift planning and time recording
  • Utilization planning for machines
  • Capacity smoothing across all stages of production
  • Capacity reservation
  • Visualization of warehouse utilisation
  • Pitch optimization
  • Calculation of storage capacity

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