Mastering special requirements with integrated add-ons

Extend the functionality of your software with additional add-ons. Our numerous modules help you to solve specific requirements. Benefit from the automatic calculation of promotions, the incoming goods planning or the consideration of external influences such as weather data in your forecasts. We also offer two interesting modules for manufacturing companies with capacity planning and forecast-based production planning.

For optimal inventory management, lots of information need to be interpreted and processed correctly. In order to ensure the success of a company even in the event of tricky requirements for scheduling, the integrated additional modules LM aps+, LM arrive+, LM capa+, LM meteo+, LM mobile+, LM promo+, LM push+ and LM vmi+ were developed.

Those who advertise the sale of goods should have an adequate stock of the advertised products during the promotional period. Otherwise, one quickly exposes oneself to the accusation of misleading advertising and enrages its customers. With the LogoMate extension LM promo+, promotions can be precisely planned and designed efficiently. During the promotional period, optimum availability is ensured for the realisation of the desired sales. In addition, you get detailed information about the success of a campaign.

Demand-based distribution, vendor managed inventory or complete production planning

With the LogoMate distribution module LM push+, the target-safe, demand-oriented distribution of articles is achieved. In addition to replenishment with the help of the calculated forecasts and stocks, LM push+ also manages to distribute remaining stocks, disposable and seasonal items without any problems. The result are lower stocks with higher delivery capacity, minimization of out-of-stock situations and lower transcripts.

LM aps+ turns LogoMate into a fully integrated production planning solution. LogoMate as an APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) system supports companies from sales order to raw material ordering with special procedures and algorithms for detailed fine and capacity planning. Planning is easy by dragging and dropping in a Gantt chart. In this way, throughput and set-up times can be reduced as well as production times and costs. Worst-case scenarios such as a production shutdown or overstocks are effectively avoided.

LogoMate Add-Ons

Extend the functionality of LogoMate with our additional modules

LM aps+

The LM aps+ expansion module ensures production planning at the highest level. LogoMate as an APS system offers an end-to-end solution from scheduling to detailed planning.

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LM arrive+

With LM arrive+, the new module for the inventory management software LogoMate, you are able to plan your incoming goods optimally.
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LM capa+

Plan capacities with LM Capa+ professionally.
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LM meteo+

With LM meteo+, current weather forecasts are integrated into the order forecast, so that the shelves are well filled and weather-related sales peaks are optimally covered.

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LM mobile+

With LM mobile+ you have all inventory and order data directly in view. Whether in the warehouse or directly at the POS.

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LM promo+

LM promo+ – LogoMate’s promotion add-on – ensures promotion success and satisfied customers. Optimal availability is also guaranteed during the promotional period.
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LM push+

With the LM push+ distribution module, you have the ideal instrument for the demand-oriented distribution of remaining stocks, disposable and seasonal items.

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LM vmi+

Supply your customers with the VMI system in LogoMate optimally. LogoMate is well prepared for VMI use, giving you a competitive advantage.

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