Warehouse and Store planning with LogoMate – Because inventory planning is not a gambling game

Emotional decisions or gut feeling are no longer sufficient in the complex requirements of modern material planning.

The task of a planner is to invest capital as optimally as possible in materials or goods in order to generate maximum returns for his company. Due to a variety of different influencing factors and the resulting flood of data, the planning is becoming increasingly opaque nowadays. LogoMate helps the planner to keep track and make the right decisions at the right time, for the store and along your entire supply chain.

Planning decisions are optimally adapted to current conditions with LogoMate. Order proposal calculations, the determination of safety stocks and inventory simulations are carried out fully automatically; the planning effort is significantly reduced.

Through dynamic optimization, inventories immediately adapt to individual market fluctuations. The ideal relationship between stock, contract restrictions as well as transport and ordering costs is guaranteed at all times. Nothing stands in the way of successful individual or composite planning.

Intelligent planning software

The primary task of the material planning is to manage the material flows and inventories in such a way that all orders are delivered reliably on the agreed date. And at a minimum cost. For large retail and industrial companies, this means an enormous logistical effort that can no longer be overcome without the right software solution.

Our customers say:

C+C Pfeiffer GmbH Logo“Before, we sometimes didn’t equip our trucks optimally. With LogoMate, this has become ingeniously easy. All data that we had to have in mind beforehand is now automatically determined by LogoMate.”

Precise sales forecast guarantees low stocks and high return

LogoMate offers a holistic, easy-to-use solution for the complex tasks of modern scheduling. Our automatic scheduling and inventory management system adapts flexibly to the most diverse requirements and has been used highly successfully in numerous renowned companies from different industries since 1997.

Lower costs and higher return

Thanks to the combination of stocks, requirements and sales forecasts, the planning with LogoMate is specifically controlled according to the respective requirements. The stocks, which are optimally geared to the respective requirements, ensure lower costs and higher return. LogoMate eliminates the need for manual processing of planned orders.

All return- and sales-oriented orders are made automatically, which puts the planning on a much more efficient basis. The automatic planning ensures constant availability or delivery capability while reducing the number of products. Safety stocks are constantly optimized, out-of-stock situations are effectively minimized. Thanks to the optimized processes, the productivity can be increased many times over with LogoMate. Resources and capacities can be used much more efficiently.

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