Reduce capital and storage costs with inventory controlling

With the disclosure of unproductive inventories and a comprehensive target-actual comparison with all major KPIs, LogoMate quickly and easily unlocks the right concept for your inventory optimization.

Inventory controlling as part of inventory management is particularly tied up with the cost optimization of existing inventories. The goal is to minimize inventory costs based on accurate analysis operations. By optimal stock planning and the reduction of unproductive stocks, unnecessary capital and storage costs can be reduced in the long term. Nevertheless, a constant delivery capability and flexible delivery times must be provided even with cost-optimized warehousing. Therefore, in addition to reducing inventory costs, inventory controlling also aims to minimize unnecessary short-time costs due to out-of-stock situations.

Our customers say:

Inventory management at Transgourmet

“Already one year after the introduction, stocks were reduced by 15%.”

Fully automated condition analysis thanks to LogoMate

Skilled worker checks inventories

With the inventory management software LogoMate, all controlling processes are fully automated. The analysis required for stock controlling follows the ABC-XYZ concept. For this purpose, the ABC articles are broken down according to their company turnover. At the same time, the XYZ analysis predicts the expected sales figures for permanent and seasonal items as well as for special offers. The breakdown of the two values establishes references between the financial value of the goods and the next date on which the stocks are effectively used. In this way, unproductive inventories can be disclosed and a comprehensive target-actual comparison can be created.

Re-establish storage concepts using KPIs

LogoMate creates transparency regarding the stock situation at all levels of the company. Inventory controlling is particularly interesting for management. For example, the correct concept for inventory optimization can be developed from the individual measurement parameters. The following KPIs are taken into account in the analysis:

  • Stock turnover rate
  • Average storage time
  • Average inventory level
  • Stock interest
  • Stock interest rate
  • Delivery service level/readiness for delivery
  • Storage utilization rate
  • Storage range
  • Safety stock

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