LogoMate impresses with its flexible application possibilities

The increased network in supply chains leads to challenging tasks for companies. Whether it’s wholesale, retail, industry,spare parts management, VMI processes or a mixed task, LogoMate offers a holistic solution that stand up to the complex challenges of retail and industrial companies at all times.

LogoMate can successfully meet all requirements for demand planning, scheduling, production and inventory optimization. Thanks to its flexible interface, LogoMate can be connected to SAP, Navision, Bison Process, proAlpha and other ERP and transaction systems and adapted to all corporate structures and requirements.

LogoMate ensures constant retail availability.

Our warehouse management software keeps safety stocks dynamically at an ideal level.
With the inventory optimization software LogoMate you have an overview of all trading and production processes.

LogoMate in retail

Optimal planning can only be achieved with the most accurate sales forecast possible. Static and dynamic influences must be taken into account as well as outliers, trends, sporadic paragraphs, actions and structural breaks. With the increasing number of different items and the increasing speed of trends, it is becoming more and more difficult with conventional scheduling to keep track of stocks and goods flows.

A wide range of products only develops its full performance if it also pays off. The goal is to always have the right product in the right place at the right time to meet the customer’s needs. LogoMate keeps an eye on all relevant trade and production processes. Precise sales forecasts are created automatically and safety stocks are dynamically maintained at an ideal level for all items and locations. The result is consistently optimal stocks, associated return optimization and satisfied customers.

LogoMate in industry

All industrial companies with a steady flow of materials face the demanding task of planning their production tasks. In addition to optimal material provision, complex production processes must also be taken into account. These include capacity planning, personnel planning, shift planning, bills of materials, recipes, production-related warehouses, and idle times.

LogoMate takes these factors into account and automatically adjusts production and disposition decisions to the current circumstances. As a result, manufacturing companies gain flexibility and increase their reliability – two extremely important virtues if you want to survive in a highly competitive market.

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