Automated ABC/XYZ analysis in LogoMate

Monitor inventories from A to Z

Management decisions are often associated with a high level of business risk.
With LogoMate, you can sit back comfortably: The automated ABC/XYZ analysis reduces the risk of loss-making mistakes to a minimum.

The ABC/XYZ analysis is used to classify a company’s inventory even better. In the ABC analysis, the individual articles are judged according to their share of the company’s turnover. The XYZ analysis can be used to forecast sales of permanent items, seasonal items and special offers. The combination of ABC and XYZ analysis establishes a correlation between the value share of individual goods and the demand or consumption flow of the respective article. From this, important conclusions can be drawn for future product range planning.

Automated ABC/XYZ analysis with LogoMate is an important tool for strategically important management decisions. It quickly provides an overview of the complete range, which makes warehouse management much easier. The ratio between expense and return is shown as well as the predictability of individual items. In addition to the usual scope of an ABC/XYZ analysis, dead and new articles are evaluated separately with classes D and N.

ABC/XYZ analysis provides accurate overview of your assortment structure

Combining ABC and XYZ analytics into an automated process allows companies to have a much broader view of their goods. Instead of three, the ABC/XYZ analysis gives you nine categories. In materials management, LogoMate is therefore one of the most important aids for sustainable inventory optimization.

LogoMate’s freely configurable ABC-DN analysis provides an even more nuanced picture of the structure of a company’s product range. The entire product range can be more targeted to the needs of the market. Even items with unforeseen sales can be quickly identified and taken into account at short notice with the help of precise sales analysis.

LogoMate reduces monitoring costs

With the configurable ABC/XYZ service level matrix, the safety stocks can be dynamically controlled by article class. The higher the level of service, the higher the chance that no inventory gap will occur. Forecasts and sales data can also be viewed in total on entire product groups.

All in all, LogoMate reduces monitoring costs many times over. Separate ABC and XYZ analyses involve a double effort. The free resources can be used wisely elsewhere.

In the ABC analysis, the individual articles are judged according to their share of the company's turnover.

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