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About our software solution

LogoMate optimizes inventory in your warehouse and stores with automatic sales forecasts, order & planning suggestions

For optimal procurement and smooth logistics, a whole flood of information must be processed and correctly interpreted in a short time. In this process, our intelligent software solution supports you in the ideal sales forecast for all your goods, both through the use of artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms developed over many years.

Whether you’re planning with a central warehouse or a geographically complex network of regional warehouses and stores: LogoMate calculates the optimal requirements and sales figures, provides you with planned orders and an optimal distribution of your goods.

You can easily define your strategy of product availability and distribution. Do you want to plan only full trucks for CO2 avoidance, always use the best supplier conditions or reduce spoilage? No problem for LogoMate.

The software, constantly developed by our development team in close cooperation with our many well-known customers, enables your company to gain a competitive advantage through innovative technology.

Integration of LogoMate in your IT system

LogoMate is easily connected
to your ERP system

LogoMate can be fully and easily integrated into your IT system, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Our inventory optimization software can be connected to all common ERP systems. In this way, the data relevant for the software is automatically imported and orders and reports are subsequently issued again.

Highest performance in calculation and forecasting with PentaSpeed technology

Calculating forecasts and orders for all your goods, warehouses, and sores causes huge amounts of data. In this case, LogoMate benefits from the PentaSpeed technology, which is continuously developed and optimized by our performance team. The software uses statistical forecasting methods and artificial intelligence to find the optimal sales forecast and order proposals.

Even 100 million SKUs are no problem for the calculation of LogoMate.

What can LogoMate do?

The most important features at a glance

Sales Forecast

Exact sales forecasts from LogoMate are the basis for an optimal disposition. Safety stocks are reduced while availability and return increase.

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Automated ABC/XYZ analysis

LogoMate’s automated ABC/XYZ analysis quickly provides scheduling and purchasing with a comprehensive overview of your entire product range.

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Inventory controlling

Inventory controlling can be used to reduce capital and storage costs. LogoMate offers a fully automated condition analysis that enables optimal planning and ensures constant delivery capability.

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Stock reduction

An important step towards increasing liquidity and logistical performance is to reduce inventory based on accurate sales forecasts, which LogoMate delivers reliably.

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Inventory planning

Automatic good planning with LogoMate: Always make the right disposition decisions at the right moment.

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Purchasing optimization

You can also profit in purchasing by using LogoMate. Numerous analytics for your product portfolio and your suppliers make your workflow way easier.

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Supplier management

Not all delivery dates are on time. LogoMate automatically generates information about supplier reliability before out-of-stock situations occur.

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Comprehensive reporting with reliable numbers and meaningful visualizations is critical to efficient management of your business. This is how the whole company benefits from LogoMate.

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Strategic inventory management

LogoMate supports you in the implementation of your inventory strategy and keeps the stocks continuously at an optimal level – with reduced effort and lower costs in inventory management.

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Other services related to LogoMate

Updates and service hotline included

A strong software solution includes the certainty of long-term secure use. For this reason, all updates incl. new features and improvements are already included for our customers.

You can also access our support hotline from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the standard. In this way, we want to ensure that your company can successfully plan with LogoMate every day. Our sales department will be happy to inform you about individual service packages here.

Available in over 10 languages

Our customers use LogoMate worldwide and in different languages. In addition to German and English, you can also use the software in many other languages. After all, you feel most safe in your own mother tongue.

Extensive training package

For an efficient use of a software, a well-designed and mediated training concept is required. Here we support your company with our basic courses, set-up and refresher courses as well as with special courses for solving specific strategies or for different positions in the company.

LogoMate Module

Extend the functionality of LogoMate with our additional modules

LM aps+

The LM aps+ expansion module ensures production planning at the highest level. LogoMate as an APS system offers an end-to-end solution from scheduling to detailed planning.

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LM arrive+

With LM arrive+, the new module for the inventory management software LogoMate, you plan your goods receipt optimally.
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LM capa+

Plan capacities with LM capa+ professionally.
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LM meteo+

With LM meteo+, current weather forecasts are integrated into the order forecast so that the shelves are well filled and weather-related sales peaks are optimally covered.

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LM mobile+

With LM mobile+, you have all inventory and order data directly in view. Whether in the warehouse or directly at the POS.

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LM promo+

LM promo+ – logoMate’s promotion module – ensures promotions success and satisfied customers. Optimal availability is also guaranteed during the promotional period.
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LM push+

With the LM push+ distribution module, you have the ideal instrument for the demand-oriented distribution of residual stocks, disposable and seasonal items.

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LM vmi+

Optimally supply your customers with the VMI system in LogoMate. LogoMate is well prepared for VMI use, giving you a competitive advantage.

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