LogoMate integration in eight weeks at Coffee Perfect – special solution for inventory management ensures further growth

With coffee machines and fresh water dispensers, Coffee Perfect ensures a high level of drinking pleasure in the office. In order to meet the continuously increasing customer demand in the long term, the company has introduced the LogoMate inventory management software from Remira. The solution started live after only eight weeks of integration. Today, Coffee Perfect realizes the scheduling for its three warehouse locations with the software and creates planning security for the suppliers with a precise forecast. The stock was already reduced by 20 percent shortly after the introduction.

Since 2015, Coffee Perfect has been selling solutions for the company’s beverage supply – and very successfully. Last year, the company reported sales growth of about 42 percent. The high demand increases could no longer be precisely calculated via the ERP system. “In the early days, for example, our sales of coffee beans, toppings and drinking chocolate doubled every month,” says Patrick Rethmann, Head of Purchasing at Coffee Perfect. “This means that the safety and reporting stocks also have to be permanently adjusted. This cannot be done without a professional system for scheduling and inventory management.” Remira quickly corrected the situation: within eight weeks, the software manufacturer integrated its LogoMate solution. After just six weeks, the first productive orders were triggered. Today, Coffee Perfect uses the software to repo, its three warehouses: the main warehouse where all goods are picked and shipped, an external outwarehouse operated by a service provider, and the small warehouse in the Coffee Perfect Bistro. A total of 2,500 articles were added to the software. In the smaller main warehouse, goods are stored for two to four weeks. If the stocks fall below a minimum range, the warehouse manager automatically receives a planned order from LogoMate. The replenishment comes from the outwarehouse, which serves as a disposition warehouse and where all orders for the three warehouse locations converge. Thanks to the automated order proposals, Coffee Perfect was able to reduce the value of its inventory by 20 percent in the first months after the software was introduced. The delivery capability for A and B items is almost 100 percent – thus the Osnabrück-based company actively invests in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In a next step, Coffee Perfect plans to connect the vehicles of the approximately 70 service technicians to LogoMate. “We want to avoid post-visits to the customer. That’s why our technicians have around 500 different spare parts on board. The forecasting of spare parts and the restocking of our service vehicles are to be automated in the future,” says Rethmann.

Precise planning for suppliers

Not only Coffee Perfect benefits from LogoMate, but also the suppliers. For example, the software creates a forecast for up to twelve months. These figures enable suppliers of raw coffee and packaging material to accurately calculate their production and shipping volumes. “The deviation of the forecast from the actual required quantity is less than five percent. This gives our suppliers a high degree of planning security,” resonates Rethmann.

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