Leading specialist of IT solutions for the supply chain for over 25 years

Since its foundation in 1994, Remira GmbH has developed into one of the leading specialists for intelligent IT solutions in the area of inventory management, sales planning and scheduling. The company currently serves more than 600 installations to more than 200 customers worldwide. The range of services offered by our company ranges from consulting to inventory analysis, software integration and training to support and regular updates. With PentaSpeed, Remira has developed a technology that enables customers to achieve higher computing power despite increasing amount of data. This means, that even more than 50 million SKUs are getting optimal results every day. Since April 2020, Remira GmbH has been based again in Dortmund on the area Phoenix West, a former blast furnace plant which became a modern industrial park.

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In 1994, With the development of LogoMate, Remira laid the foundation for accurate sales forecasts and automatic scheduling in industry and retail. Since then, we have helped numerous renowned customers achieve optimal inventory, greater efficiency and higher returns.

Specialist in inventory optimization and precise sales planning.
More than 600 installations with around 200 customers worldwide

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