Better delivery capability with optimised stocks

The Bavarian wholesaler ATP-Autoteile optimizes its disposition with LogoMate. Remira’s software solution ensures increased delivery capability and more efficient inventory management in the fast-growing company.
Founded in 2002 and has grown rapidly since then, ATP Auto-Teile-Pöllath Handels GmbH has two locations in Oberpfalz: Pressath (Logistics) and Kirchenthumbach (Administration). More than 700,000 new passenger car parts are available in their original quality online.
In addition to around 240 employees, other domestic and foreign sales companies are responsible for customer service and goods distribution.

In 2012, ATP received the “Bayern Best 50” award from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs for particularly high-growth companies. As part of the dynamically growing German sme, ATP developed into the largest German retailer of the internet auction platform eBay in just a few years.

“Order today – install tomorrow” is the ATP motto for particularly urgent customers

In addition to investments in infrastructure, the growth trajectory of recent years required optimized planning. LogoMate was awarded the contract in selecting the best solution for ATP. With automatic scheduling and efficient inventory management, Remira offers the highest functionality at an attractive price. Shortly after the introduction of LogoMate, ATP was able to improve its delivery capability with slightly increased stocks.

The manual effort of the planners has been significantly reduced. This allows them to take on other tasks such as customer support even more than before. With the introduction of LogoMate, ATP achieved a leap in innovation and efficiency in order to meet the high demands of further expansion.

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