20 years of LogoMate

Remira software laid foundation for digital inventory management

Twenty years ago, Remira developed the first version of LogoMate with five employees, thus laying an important basis for the digital evaluation of mass data in logistics. To date, the inventory management software has helped numerous companies, such as Fressnapf, NKD and BVB, to achieve centralized and optimised scheduling. A prerequisite for the company’s continued success is, among other things, the willingness to develop constantly. Remira is currently working on new solutions for mobile access to the software.

More than 600 installations with 150 customers all over the world: Remira has established itself as an expert in big data in logistics. Since 2011, LogoMate has been able to analyze more than 50,000,000 Stock Keeping Units (item location combinations) daily. Against the background of increasing customer requirements, Remira is continuously developing its solution: In 2016, a new milestone was reached with the introduction of a 3-tier model. The database and the user interface are decoupled from each other, which enables particularly fast data processing. The latest software products LogoMate smart, silver and gold are based on 3-tier technology.

Pioneer for digital inventory management

Shortly after the company was founded in 1994, Remira was commissioned to develop a scheduling solution – but this first project was never finished. “We still liked the idea so much that we started to develop both a forecasting software and a disposition solution,” recalls Remira founder Carsten Scherer. Even then, the project name was LogoMate. The main goal of the development is still relevant today: controlling the flow of materials and goods according to demand, optimally and automatically. As a pioneer in the field of digital inventory optimization, Remira quickly realized that LogoMate needed a completely different technology and software architecture than previous transaction alas or ERP systems. “We have entered absolutely new territory. There were no comparable systems on the market that we could have relied on,” Scherer said. The close combination of algorithms and data made it possible to achieve the required high computing speed. Remira also set standards in terms of design with a special user interface: The LogoMate cockpit provides the user with all settings and results at a glance. “For many users, this presentation initially meant a change,” says Scherer. “For this, they are rewarded with enormous efficiency and effectiveness and can intervene immediately in the processes if necessary.”

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